587 less hikers than last year walked the 73rd Airborne March

Foto: Renkum Nieuws

Although it seemed more than last year, 587 less walkers participated in the 73rd Airborne March last Saturday in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands than in 2018.

32 222 people, young and old walked through sun and rain, the organisation of the March says. Last year there were 32 809 hikers.

The day started with nice weather and it remained so most of the day. It rained twice but nobody really cared about that.

The 73rd edition can again be considered successful

Again this year they welcomed the four hikers from the first hour. Four men who participated in all 73 walks. The mayor of Renkum Mrs. Agnes Schaap, the city’s aldermen and councillors, walked the March for the second time this Saturday.

The guests of honor, the eight veterans had a fantastic weekend, the tour over the Utrechtseweg as the biggest highlight.  Unfortunately not in the golf carts but with the London taxis because of the rain. Nevertheless, there were a lot of moving moments for the veterans, walkers and spectators.

Later that afternoon the veterans sat down along the Utrechtseweg near the finish and fully enjoyed all the attention they received. They were particularly moved by the walking children waving and who came to shake hands.

On Monday morning they, after making the traditional group photo, left  home. Some of them will come back in two weeks to Oosterbeek for the 75th Airborne commemoration.

Photo: Seven of the eight veterans with their carers and taxi drivers of the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans before they boarded the taxi to get home.


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