– – – — V for Victory. Children sprinkle marigolds in Oosterbeek

It is the generation of the future that, like a flower in the bud, carries hope and expectation. But it is difficult for them to remember something of which they have no memories.

As a sign of silent resistance, many bright orange marigolds were sown in the Dutch front garden during WW II, Orange, as a colour for hope and expectation of Freedom and Victory. The marigold symbolises the civilian victims of Market Garden.

– – – —  V for Victory

Children from the Airborneschool in Renkum, The Netherlands, scattered 15.000 marigolds from the windows on the south facade of the town hall in Oosterbeek on the steps. Marigold seeds are sprinkled with the flowers. Part of it will fall into the flower beds that are arranged on either side of the landing stairs in the form of the Morse code: V for Victory.

The following spring, in the memorial month of May, the marigolds will bloom profusely. In this way, the children can connect with the marigold memorial because they have made it themselves.