Parachute Group Holland jumps to commemorate Market Garden

Parachute Group Holland jumped over Wolfheze in The Netherlands last week in honor of the 77th anniversary of Operation Market Garden.

The field on the Wolfhezerweg, which was used as the drop zone for paratroopers now, was part of landing zone ‘S’ during Operation Market Garden 77 years ago.

Parachutes and gliders

group, hollandIn the afternoon of 17 September 1944, 186 British pathfinders, paratroopers with the task of marking drop zones and landing zones, landed on these fields. Then British gliders landed. On Wednesday 12 parachutists from Parachute Group Holland landed around 9.00 am. The paratroopers had taken off from Teuge airport with a Cessna 208. After the drop, the aircraft flew back and picked up another 14 paratroopers, who then jumped over the same drop zone. All jumped with round military turrets and wore the same type of clothing worn by British, Canadian and Polish paratroopers 77 years ago.

After the jump, a commemoration ceremony took place at the Glider Monument on Wolfhezerweg. The paratroopers who had jumped earlier and the ground crew, those who marked the drop zone in the morning, laid a wreath and observed a minute of silence.

Parachute Group Holland

The Parachute Group Holland Foundation, in short PGH, is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to parachuting with (military) round dome parachutes. The group was founded in 2008 with the aim of commemorating all those who were parachuted over occupied or enemy territory during the Second World War and after. To keep this memory alive, PGH members wear clothing from the relevant time period during commemorations and parachute jumps if desired. In addition, PGH provides training to anyone who wants to learn to jump a parachute with a round parachute.

The training is given by a professional instruction group and is internationally recognised by comparable parachute groups and centers at home and abroad. PGH also offers the opportunity for demonstration jumps and information days about paratroopers during the Second World War to schools and other interested organisations. Anyone can become a member of Parachute Group Holland. The courses are for men and women between 16 and 50 years old, with a maximum weight of 100 kg and a medical certificate from a doctor. Several parachute jumps are made during the year.