Ticket sales have started for the 75th Airborne March

The Airborne Arch will be built up soon
The Airborne Arch will be built up soon
Foto: Renkum Nieuws

Oosterbeek, The Netherlands – The Airborne March is on! The organisation is extremely proud to organise the 75th march this year. They hope to see many of you return to Oosterbeek to attend this beautiful anniversary on the 3rd of September.

Right now, the organisation is fully committed to preparing the march in the best way possible. Although they are unable to confirm anything at the moment; there is a good possibility that the parade this year will once again be attended by veterans of the battle for Arnhem.

Ticket sale

From today onwards, ticket presales are available from the website. Purchasing your ticket before starting on the day of the event itself is of course still possible.

They understand that due to the past period there may be some reluctance to participate en masse on the day of the march. They are now investigating the possibilities of giving participants the opportunity to walk the march by themselves from September 4 to September 26, regardless of the day of the actual march. Ticket sales for this alternative march will appear on the website once they’ve established a clear plan regarding the distribution of medals with our supplier. Of course the biggest hope is to be able to welcome you all with a warm handshake on the 3rd of September.

Lest we forget – Oosterbekers

This year matchleader Peter van Drunen want to specifically call your attention to the Oosterbeek civilian-monument. Which is a monument for all civilian casualties that fell during the war, presented by the ‘Opdat wij niet vergeten (lest we forget) – Oosterbekers’ foundation. The Airborne March would like to express their support for their goals.

The ‘lest we forget – Oosterbekers’ foundation is currently trying to erect a monument on a prominent location along the route of the Airborne march. We hope that all of our attendees who’d like to see such representation in Oosterbeek consider making a donation through their website. You can also follow the foundation through their Facebook page. You will also find them on September 3rd along the Airborne march route and Sportpark Hartenstein.


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