Margraten: symbol for a sustainable European-American bond

The Netherlands, Margraten cemetery – Yesterday Minister Kajsa Ollongren commemorated the American soldiers who died for our freedom in Europe during the Second World War.

She did this at the American Cemetery Margraten in Limburg.

Shared Values

​​“Today we honor the sacrifice of many young American men and women. Those sacrifices are marked by the white crosses and stars of David that stretch across these hills. A confirmation of the lasting bond between Europe and the United States.”

Ollongren: “This transatlantic bond, based on common values ​​and strengthened in the fires of war, continues to this day. Courage, determination and unity as the main ingredients for promoting freedom. A lesson that reverberates today as we stand united in support of Ukraine. Because once again, the United States, together with European allies, is deploying its resources to fight authoritarianism on the European continent.”

The minister spoke of the Ukrainian men and women who rely on European and American support. “Places like here in Margraten are testimonials to our own history. They form a moral obligation to help Ukraine, whatever the cost, while it lasts.”

MargratenMissing-man formation

True to tradition, 4 aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Air Force paid a salute. 2 F-16s and 2 F-35s flew a so-called missing-man formation above the cemetery. In addition, 1 of them leaves the group as a symbol for the fallen.

Margraten American Cemetery is the only American cemetery in the Netherlands. Most of the American soldiers died during the liberation of the southeast of the Netherlands and the advance through Germany. Margraten is the resting place of 8,288 soldiers. 1,722 people are on the Walls of the Missing. (photo’s above is shot in august 2020)

Every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, Margraten commemorates the dead.


Bron: Ministerie van Defensie

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