Special Airborne-arch for the 75th commemoration of Market Garden

Foto: Renkum Nieuws

Traditionally, on July the 1st the famous Airborne-arch was set up in front of the Airborne museum at the Utrechtseweg in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands, this year it’s a different one, especially made for the 75th commemoration of Market Garden.

The arch that normally has a white canvas with text at the top is now in colour.

Lest we forget

The blue sky in the picture nicely matches the sky as we would like to see during the Airborne March, the 73rd this year. Veterans wave to paratroopers who jumped from a Dakota, beautiful photos of photographer Arjan Vrieze and caught in this design by Roger Beets.

Also this year, at life and welfare, a number of second world war veterans will be present to welcome the numerous hikers who accomplish the March. This year many many hikers are expected, not the least because this year you have the unique opportunity to pass a real-size replica Horsa glider at the start, and finish.

Setting up the arch is a job that requires some organisation but it’s small party too. How this works, can be seen in the footage the Veluwezoom In Beeld made, when setting up the arch in 2018. It is partly in Dutch, but images know no language


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