First shirt Flight for Freedom: ode to the Horsa glider presented

Foto: Renkum Nieuws

This afternoon in Arnhem the first Flight For Freedom shirt was presented to Alderman Jasper Verstand of the commune of Renkum, The Netherlands. This shirt is an ode to the Horsa Glider and equipped with a building plan.

It was an idea of the Councillor to approach Gerrit van Okimono he knows the small shop in Arnhem well. He thought it was a good idea that Gerrit (right on the picture) would make a design by one of the many designers with whom he interacts in the framework of the Airborne memorial services this year.

Last year he had a shirt in store with the skyline of Arnhem, including the John Frost bridge in the Airborne colours. He immediately thought it was an excellent idea to again for the 75th anniversary of operation Market Garden. So he made two. Extra than, because the Arnhem Skyline goes back into production too.

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Main role for the glider

Although it was not known yet that the replica Horsa glider came to be at display in September in Oosterbeek, the counsellor could already tell that this year, special attention would be given to the glider. Gerrit, who knew not much of these gliders, dove into history and called designer Maya Knepfle.

—> Replica, real-size Horsa glider arrived in The Netherlands

The building plan on the Airborne Maroon-red shirt she made from the many images of the Horsa out there. The three parachutes are there to compare the size of a Horsa in the air, in the gliders was of course no-one present who was wearing a parachute.

It, now third, Airborne-related shirt is green, has a Jeep in the Airborne colours and a chameleon. The art of Camouflage, it’s called. Okimono combines a passion for graphic design with high-quality eco-cotton, because nature is also important in the shop.


Do you want to win a cool Flight for Freedom shirt? Well, you can! With Okimono, we give one shirt away, but you’ll have to do something for it! Answer the question and:

  • send your answer with your details to [email protected].
  • you will be able to think about the answer the entire month, the 31st of July at 24:00 hours (Dutch time!) is the closing date, the week after we announce the winner, do not expect the shirt no earlier than September
  • from all the corrects entries, we will draw the winner
  • actually, we give away two shirts, the another one is going to be won by a Dutch winner through our parent site: Renkum Nieuws.
  • if you don’t want to wait, and you want to order one now, you can pre-order it via this link. In pre-order the costs are € 29.95, and after that, when the stock is in (at the beginning of august) it will be € 39.95. They shop worldwide.

The question:

The Horsa glider was not the only type of glider which landed during operation Market Garden, how many types of glider landed here and how were they called?


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