Much more visitors Airborne at the Bridge, Arnhem than expected

Foto: Renkum Nieuws

The number of people that visited Airborne at the Bridge in Arnhem, The Netherlands exceeds all expectations  since its opening late March 2017.

Managing director Sarah Heijse: “We thought we would have about 25,000 visitors a year, but there were many more and in less than two and a half year, we received the 100,000th visitor.”

International public and nomination prestigious European award

A broad international audience finds the road to the Airborne at the Bridge. Of all visitors in 2019, 40% came from the Netherlands. Of the remaining 60%, Airborne at the Bridge was the most visited by people from the United Kingdom, Germany, America and Belgium. Hans Vroome, alderman Municipality of Arnhem: “It proves that the war history of Arnhem is still alive: locally, nationally and internationally.”

In 2019 Airborne at the Bridge was nominated for the prestigious European Museum of the Year Award 2019. The presentation of Airborne at the Bridge and the volunteer policy were decisive for the jury. Seven days a week, dozens of volunteers are ready to welcome all visitors at Airborne at the Bridge in Arnhem and the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek. More than a hundred volunteers are very involved in the organisation. “The nomination is a nice tribute to them.” Sarah Heijse said.

Bridge100,000th visitor

At the opening of Airborne at the Bridge the museum expected 25,000 visitors per year, but that turned out to be much more quickly. In less than two and a half year, 100,000 people visited from home and abroad.

Theo van den Ham, coordinator of Airborne at the Bridge, handed over a big bunch of flowers this week to the 100,000th visitor. The couple Hoogveld-Voermans from Utrecht received the flowers.

Temporary exhibitions

Especially in the context of 75 years of the Battle of Arnhem there is a new exhibition from September 16:  Arnhem 1944, The Human Tragedy of the Bridge Too Far. The exhibition is based on the book by Dilip Sarkar. For this book, which was published recently, Sarkar investigated the hidden stories of people who died during the Battle of Arnhem.

Sarkar managed to identify a large number of living relatives to reflect with them on the Battle of Arnhem and the death of their relative. This exhibition is the result of a project which took years.

Currently the exhibition ‘Fled’ can be seen at Airborne at the Bridge. In this exhibition two stories come together and draws a parallel between the situation during World War II and the current refugee crisis. Where to, is the question which connects the refugees in September 1944 and the refugees now.

About Airborne at the Bridge

Airborne at the Bridge tells, based on the personal stories of British Lieutenant John Grayburn, German Hauptsturmfuhrer Viktor Eberhard Gräbner and the Dutch Captain Jacob Groenewoud about the fierce battles at the Rhine bridge of Arnhem in September 1944.

Airborne at the Bridge is located on the Rhine Kade 150 in Arnhem and open daily from 10:00 to 17:00. The entrance is free.

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