Two unique shirts in remembrance of the Horsa Assault glider Oosterbeek

Foto: Behoud WOII Erfgoed Gelderland

In memory of the Horsa Assault glider in Oosterbeek The Netherlands, the Foundation Conservation WW2 Heritage Gelderland (BWO2EG) designed two shirts which are printed in a limited edition which are for sale later in Oosterbeek.

But now they are available in pre-order with 10% discount.

Wot! No Engines?

“What! No engines? was written on some gliders with chalk, the planes without engines amazed people. On every glider a number was written with chalk. The number referred to the flight so everyone knew what they had to load into the glider and who was to take place in it: the so called Chalknumber.”

“All the gliders were painted in a matt black paint that best approached blackboard paint.” tells Wiljo Pas, president of the foundation BWO2EG, “We managed to replicate that on this shirt with the famous text: Wot No engines?”

“The other shirt has the true Airborne colours: maroon and light blue, it contains several elements of WWII in which the Horsa is of course included.”

The shirts will cost € 15, = and are available on pre-sale with 10% discount for € 13.50. This pre-sale closes September 5, 2019. Go to the webshop here

T-shirts that have already been ordered will be processed!

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