Ester did it: she managed to crochet over 1200 poppies for the glider pilots

Foto: Ester van Puijenbroek

It was a succes. More than 1200 poppies were made for the 75th Airborne Commemoration at September the 17th. Most of them are made by Ester van Puijenbroek in Wolfheze, The Netherlands.

She got some help from her friends. After the crocheting of the poppies, the black buttons had to be sewn on them. A lot of work but this marvellous project has reached it’s end.

One for each pilot

The number refers to the number of pilots that flew the Horsa gliders during the Battle of Arnhem and landed around Wolfheze Renkum and Heelsum. Ester Poppy made a poppy for every pilot.

The Poppies are combined to form a large wreath, surrounding a memorial plate. The first exhibition will take place on September 17, 2019 at 13:00 at the Glider Museum in Wolfheze (scroll for English). Then they will be seen the entire commemoration week in various locations in Wolfheze:

  • September 17, 18 and 19: Glider Museum
  • September 17: Open air theater ‘the poppy’ – memorial concert
  • September 20 and 21 The tent at the entrance to the camping Lindenhof
  • September 22nd: the Glider Pilot Bank village square in Wolfheze- Commemoration Ceremony

After the commemoration week the poppies will be for sale at the Glider Museum. Profits will go to three different targets that have in common the Glider Pilots, Gliders or veterans.

Everyone is welcome to visit the memorial moments or the Glider Museum.

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