Marcouch, mayer of Arnhem apologises to veterans in Oosterbeek

Foto: Cynner Leiwakabessy

Marcouch mayor of Arnhem has offered his apology to some veterans Sunday at the Airborne Memorial Service at the cemetery in Oosterbeek.

The apology came after it emerged that several veterans were denied Friday at the big Airborne Commemoration in the Bearpit in Arnhem.

Making up

Once Marcouch heard the veterans were denied at the Commemoration, he reacted on Facebook: “Veterans missed the Battle Of Arnhem? How bad. Our commemoration is all about our beloved veterans who come to honour their fallen friends with us. I’ll do anything to get them inside, safe and with all respect. So now I see if we missed more veterans and if so, then of course I will make it up to them ASAP.”

There were special seats for the veterans at the service at the cemetery in Oosterbeek. When the service was over, Marcouch waited at four World War II veterans who were denied Friday. He really took the time to make the men a personal apology.

Tom and John have not seen Marcouch yet, but that will be alright soon too.


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