Token of appreciation for the people of Renkum and the Horsa Glider

“We want to do something special for the community for the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden and give a tribute to our people who are so involved in this Airborne time.”

That’s what Alderman Jasper Verstand said at the announcement of the ‘Airborne at Night’, presented by a unique video projection at the town hall in Oosterbeek on 13 and 14 September.

Centre of the battle

In September 1944 the Allies not only landed by parachutes during Operation Market Garden, nearly half of the men and all the equipment was brought by gliders: British Hamilcars, American WACO’s but most of them by the British Horsa assault glider. A fact that always remained severely underexposed.

“The city of Renkum was the centre of the battle in 1944. Once people think about the Battle of Arnhem, one thinks of the thousands of paratroopers who were dropped. But many do not know the gliders transported troops, equipment and ammunition.”

“About 600 Horsa gliders landed those days of September in 1944 at various locations in the Wolfheze area. These particular Gliders are iconic for the Battle of Arnhem. A Horsa Glider was exposed opposite the Airborne Museum this September and the Municipality Renkum chose this occasion and the jubilee year to honour this remarkable aircraft with the heroic Glider Pilots in a video mapping on the town Hall of Oosterbeek.”

Mr. Beam

Mr. Beam, specialised in video mapping, has animated the story of the gliders in a special way. Using the typical town hall, the projection took 10 minutes on specially composed music and shown every 20 minutes. A new unique way to feel the impact of the Battle of Arnhem to a wide audience.

And the impact was felt. Many people saw the projection several times and now it is for everyone to see on YouTube, click on the picture above

A good closing to the month of September 2019.


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