A beautiful pin or patch for the strangest Dutch liberation-day ever

Foto: Lee Goodridge

You probably don’t know Lee Goodridge at all, but it is quite possible that you may have bought a patch or a pin from him during one of the events organized in the Netherlands around the Second World War, in memory of the event when you were here.

He has been coming to The Netherlands every year for about 18 years now to Oosterbeek, Wageningen, Ede or Arnhem. With patches and pins, and because he is an ex-member of The Royal Airforce (RAF), they of course will never be missed at any WW2 event!

No trip to The Netherlands

patch, pin

But the coronavirus suddenly changed everything. The trip to Wageningen was planned, 1000 patches and 1000 pins ordered for May 5 and already delivered with the latest design for the celebration of 75 years of freedom in the Netherlands: The British, Polish, American and Canadian flag behind an orange Netherlands and around it the text Netherlands 75 years of Freedom.

But Lee can’t come to The Netherlands this year for the 5th of May.

There goes your chance to get one of his pins or patches, which, because there are only 2000 of them, are limited.

But thanks to the postal service, for which borders are no more of a problem, than it is for the coronavirus, the memory of this bizarre celebration of 75 years of freedom in lock-down can come your way.

patch, pin

You will not have it at home on May 5th, but you can order it and Lee will make sure that it is brought to your home. As always, Lee donates part of the proceeds to a charity related to World War II. This year it is The Royal British Legion.


The metal pin has a diameter of 4cm and a closure at the back with which you can attach it to something. The fabric patch has a diameter of 8cm and can be attached to clothing. Both the pin and the patch cost € 5, together € 10.

As we don’t know from which country you might want to order from, you can email lee at: [email protected], tell him how many pins and/or patches you’d like to order and don’t forget your address. He wil answer with the price and his bank account.


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