Candlelights on wargraves Oosterbeek canceled due to Covid-19

Foto: Herbert Möller

This year, the event to light a candle on every war grave at the Airborne cemetery in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands is cancelled.

For the well-known reason: Covid-19, no license is issued.


After consultation with the municipality of Renkum, the organization had to decide to cancel the event for this year they announce on Facebook. Due to Covid-19 it’s not possible to come together, not even in a small group

The last few years, people came together to the cemetery on Christmas Eve to light a candle on one of the graves. The costs for the candles is brought together with donations from companies and people in the area. At Christmas Eve people would find a burning candle for them to put on a grave and in short time, all graves would be lit.

The municipality doesn’t give the organization a permit which is needed for an event like this due to Covid-19 which already spoiled a lot of things this year.

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