The Liberation parade on May 5th in Wageningen will continue

Foto: DM van Hellesem

Wageningen – The annual Liberation Parade on 5 May in Wageningen, The Netherlands will continue in the future, with support from the Ministry of Defence. This is evident from the answers given by the State Secretary Blokhuis, also on behalf of the Minister of Defence, to questions from Evert-Jan Slootweg, Member of Parliament.

Slootweg asked the questions in response to the unrest that had arisen after the Ministry of Defence announced that it had to reconsider the expenditure. “The event in Wageningen consists of various elements: a church service, a commemoration and a parade. The organisation of this is in the hands of the National Committee Commemoration Capitulations 1945, also known as Wageningen 45. All three elements are – in accordance with the agreement with the organisation – supported annually by the Ministry of Defence.” Blokhuis ex-planes in his answer, “The whole of defence support for many commemorative activities and events places a burden too heavy on the operational capacity of the armed forces. Defence is therefore forced to look more critically at future contributions.”


“With regard to the parade, the Ministry of Defence has made new agreements, which, together with the other support agreements, have been laid down in a covenant. The agreements are being reviewed in response to the concerns that have arisen about the future of the parade. Starting point is that the parade will take place annually with support of the Ministry of Defence.” the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport says.

This will of course depend on the corona measures, but it is assumed that the parade can continue again in 2022.


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