Candle lights at the Airborne cemetery are lit again

Foto: DM van Hellesem

Oosterbeek, The Netherlands – For the second year in a row, the graves of the Airborne cemetery in Oosterbeek, have been provided with candle lights without an audience.

The organisation of Candles On War Graves Oosterbeek, together with (a number of) their family members (with a total of nine) ignited and placed all candles. They got some help from mayor Agnes Schaap and children’s mayor Aline Huijgen from the municipality of Renkum.

Christmas Eve

The lights will stay lit until Boxing Day, although they were placed early this year. Once again, the municipality did not issue a permit due to the corona measures currently in force. So the candles were ordered in silence and at 13:30 the group was ready to start.

The weather was not very good; many lit candles hissed in the raindrops. Around 16:00 everything was lit and except that they had rained out and had cold feet, only happy faces; they did it again. This time also thanks to a donation from the municipality of Renkum, because the foundation’s treasury is almost empty. After buying candles for two years without being able to ask for donations – after all, the placement had to remain secret – the bottom was soon in sight.

For those who want to make a financial contribution: donations can be sent to IBAN: NL58 RABO 0347 978266 in the name of: COWGO Foundation ( Candles On War Graves Oosterbeek), stating: Donatie Lichtjes War Graves

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