Man finds WW2 plane bomb with metal detector and leaves the scene

Wolfheze, The Netherlands – It could happen to you. That you are approached during a walk by someone who tells you that there is a bomb. Anita from Heelsum didn’t think twice: “I immediately said: Oh, then I have to call.” and she took out her cellphone.

The man, in the company of a child(!), did not wait for that. He left right away, leaving it to Anita to handle the rest. She did not hesitate and called the emergency number.

There you are

The plane bomb turned out to have been dug out, put upright and buried again. The man with the metal detector had uncovered the bomb this weekend. “I went there on Sunday with a police scout. He immediately saw that it was an plane bomb and called out the Bomb Squad.”

The Bomb Squad secured the American bomb and moved it to a safer location. Today it was detonated in the woods near the Johannahoeveweg at Wolfheze. Because she had reported the bomb, Anita was allowed to be there and even press the red button that triggered the explosion.

The man with the metal detector had not run away for nothing. Due to the amount of war ammunition from the Second World War that is still in the grounds of the municipality of Renkum, it is forbidden to search with a metal detector. Walking around with it will result in a fine. And finding something and digging it out in the presence of a child will mainly result in disapproval.


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