Unique ceramic handmade poppies for the Taxi Charity

Foto: BeetjeBinnenBuiten

Oosterbeek, The Netherlands – It’s a bit of a hobby that got out of hand, Jacoline Rutgers says about her webshop BeetjeBinnenBuiten (bitInsideOutside), because she has got a normal job too. She sells, among other things, beautiful ceramic poppies, but not for herself, she relinquishes the profit.

The poppies are made by hand and everyone of them are therefore unique. They are made by people with disabilities from Lithuania.

Poppies for the Taxi Charity

“BeetjeBinnenBuiten sells these handmade fair trade ceramic poppy pendants, the profit of which (€ 1.50) goes to Taxi Charity for Military Veterans. The Organisation that, among other things, ensures that our English veterans can come to the Netherlands with the commemorations. Taxi drivers use their own taxi and their time are available, but there is much more good happening. We first presented our idea to Frans Ammerlaan of the Market Garden Foundation and he was enthusiastic immediately.”

Jacoline joins the Market Garden Challenge that tries to raise money for the Taxi Charity by cycling and walking. For the walking part they take the 40km walk during the 75th Airborne March which is held in Oosterbeek every year. Here you can also find Jacoline and her poppies, so will you be in Oosterbeek this Saturday? Then stop by the stall on the Utrechtseweg in Oosterbeek at bookstore Meijer & Siegers and take a poppy with you. In this way you support the veterans and the Taxi Charity and have an unique poppy to take home.

The poppy pendants cost € 5.00 each and the profit of € 1.50 per poppy sold, goes to this charitable organisation. They are available at the webshop beetjebinnenbuiten.nl. For orders from abroad: send a message through this form (see contactpage on the website). Bear in mind the costs to send one poppy over, is, in comparing, rather high. But Jacoline will tell you more after a message

The companies below have also immediately promised their cooperation to sell the poppies, so you can also purchase one (or more) there too and support the Taxi Charity.

  • Bookstore Meijers&Siegers
  • Gij De Gelderse IJzerhandel
  • Grand cafe restaurant Schoonoord
  • De Oude Herbergh Restaurant en Bed&Breakfast
  • Airborne Museum at Hartenstein


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