A candlelight on every war-grave this Christmas Eve

Enough candles
Foto: Renkum Nieuws

After the message was spread a group of ten enthusiasts wanted to burn a candlelight on every war-grave in Oosterbeek and it’s surroundings this Christmas Eve, it went fast.

Dozen of emails were send by people who wanted to help or donate. By companies, organisations and personally a sufficient amount of money was donated to buy enough candles.

Every grave

The group met last year at the Cemetery when they, separately, came to light some candles. In 2018 there were about 900 candles burning. So not on every grave and something needed to be done, they agreed.

And something is gonna be done, with help from many volunteers there will be a minimum of at least one candlelight on every war-grave.

The group is already looking forward to what a beautiful sight this is going to be. It could be raining this Christmas Eve but they can’t be bothered. “Bolsius developed new storm caps and we expect the candles continue to burn during rain, 48 hours, the whole Christmas!”

Last Monday the company of Bolsius delivered the candles. They brought a large box full with lighters with it, there is nothing in the way to put all fallen allies in light, warmth and love this Christmas

Christmas card

Some time ago, people could drop Christmaswishes at the Airborne Museum where cards were collected for the veterans in England. The Taxi Charity offered the British veterans a lunch and were handed cards filled with Christmas wishes from The Netherlands.

The group of ten also wrote them a card and on request, it was read load for everybody to hear. On the card was written the message that Christmas Eve 2018 there will be a candlelight on every war-grave. They were happy and with great respect they loudly applauded .


Monday at 16:00 hours the group will start dividing and lighting the candles. More info and actual news you can follow on their Facebook-page, they do write in English and even some Polish!

Check: Lichtjes op oorlogsgraven Airborne Begraafplaats Oosterbeek.

Not only in Oosterbeek, the war-graves in Rheden, Velp, Renkum, Slijk-Ewijk, Wageningen, Arnhem, Driel and Heteren won’t be forgotten.

A candlelight on every war-grave this Christmas Eve
After the message was spread a group of ten enthusiasts wanted to burn a candlelight on
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