Airborne Museum closes for at least five months for refurbishment

Foto: Paul Hermans CC BY-SA 4.0

Villa Hartenstein, the historic building in which the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands is housed, gets a starring role in the new interior of the museum.

The Airborne Museum is going to be closed for more than five months for the refurbishment after the 75-year-old commemoration of the battle of Arnhem in September this year.

National monument

The history of estate Hartenstein is according to Director Sarah Heisse illustrative of what war wreaks: “This region was an Idyll where wealthy people built outdoor places. After the second world war the area was destroyed. Hartenstein is the only public estate now that remains. The story of Hartenstein is the story of the consequences of war.”

National monument Hartenstein is already mentioned in 1728. Around 1856 an Amsterdam broker bought the estate. He build the current villa and other buildings and a deer park.

Battle of Arnhem

In 1944 Hartenstein served as headquarters for the British airborne troops. During the lost battle of Arnhem heavy damage was done. The last war damage is just restored over the past year at the on Tuesday finished restoration of buildings and park.

The well-attended museum will renew the whole d├ęcor with a view to the future, in which there are no more people who experienced the war itself. “Buildings and places will be the last witnesses that remain.” Heisse said.

On October 28, the doors will close for the refurbishment.

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