‘Arnhem Boys’ Darren and Chris walk 40km with the ashes of veterans

Chris and Darren on the evening before the March

Their presence at the Airborne March is for the World War II veterans of great significance, some will even walk the March a bit after their passing away, as their final wish.

Last year Chris Wilmott walked the 40 kilometres with the ashes of veteran Des Page, friend Darren Williams walked along side him. This year, they both take the ashes of a veteran on this short trip.


A forty kilometre walk with a full load might not be such a problem for ex-para Chris, Darren has trained a lot in the past year to accomplish this task. But both are proud that they can bring honour to these two veterans and fulfil their last wish.

Glider Pilot Iain Bonner and parachutist Steve Morgan make one last trip through the area where Operation Market Garden took place in September 1944. Chris walks the ashes of Ian and Darren carries Steve.

Both British men are part of the (Facebook) group ‘The Arnhem Boys’ who keep the memory of the Market Garden veterans alive. Chris and Darren also travel frequently as support to the veterans on their trips with The Taxi Charity for Militairy Veterans.

Therefore they knew Steve and Iain very well. Steve was one of the veterans who unveiled the monument at the Renkums Heath last year.

The ashes of Iain and Steve will be buried later this month in Oosterbeek.

chris, darren



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