Ashes deceased glider pilot Des Page present during Airborne March

Foto: Renkum Nieuws

Airborne veteran Des Page who died a few weeks ago really wanted to attend the 72nd Airborne March on the 1st of September. After his dead, his wish still comes true.

(photo: Des Page brings back memories at the Renkums Heath in September 2017)

So local news-website Omroep Gelderland writes


Desmond Page was a glider pilot during WWII. Last year he attended, with a few other veterans, the Airborne March which is held every first September of September and he really wanted to come again.

Before Des died on the age of 95, ex-para Chris Willmott made hem a promise: fully equipped, Chris will walk the march of 40 kilometers with his ashes. After the march the ashes will be scattered.

This year, at the 72nd Airborne March, around ten veterans will attent and welcome the hikers. The will be brought by The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.



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