Dutch TV station shows Travel in the Dark by army doctor Graeme Warrack

Koning (King) Willem III Barracks, Building 24, the Graeme Warrack building
Foto: Pim van 't End, CC 4.0, Wikipedia

The Scottish army doctor Graeme Warrack remained behind after Operation Berlin (the withdrawal of the allied after Operation Market Garden) in September 1944 to care for the wounded.

He was captured by the Germans, transported to Apeldoorn and became head of a German emergency hospital. In the beginning of 1945 he discovered all the prisoners would be moved to Germany end he hid himself. After two weeks, he came out and managed to escape, with the help of the Dutch Resistance.


Graeme, a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps, kept a diary and wrote the book Travel by Dark lafter the war. In 1976 his book was made into a movie. As authentic as possible with German, English and Dutch actors.

Graeme was awarded twice. For his role in Operation Market Garden, staying behind for the wounded to care for and his dedication in the Apeldoorn Emergency hospital he was awarded on September 20, 1945 to Officer of the Order of the British Empire and received the Distinguished Service Order on May 24, 1945. Graeme went to great lengths to care for the wounded and never shied away to fight on their behalf against the Germans.


The German emergency hospital was located in the Koning (King) Willem III Barracks, Building 24, where the hospital was located, is renamed the Graeme Warrack building. Graeme’s old room (no. 8) is permanently configured as a tradition room.

Every year he is honored by the Graeme Warrack Memorial Event. A march of 97 km which is run in two days by all the military police following the initial training. In 1984, he himself revealed the plaque that hangs on the outside of building 24. Graeme died the following year: in 1985.

Since this weekend the entire film is to see online on the website of the NOS, A Dutch TV Station, nearly one and a half hour, original, so in the English language through the link below.

Travel in the Dark, after Arnhem



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