Second World War veterans return from The Netherlands a day early

Ray Whitwell, Tom Schäffer, Larry Martin, Geoff Roberts, Harry Rawlings
Ray Whitwell, Tom Schäffer, Larry Martin, Geoff Roberts, Harry Rawlings
Foto: Restaurant Schoonoord

Five Second World War veterans who came to The Netherlands to be present at the re-opening of the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek, will go home a day early.

Ray Whitwell, Tom Schäffer, Larry Martin, Geoff Roberts en Harry Rawlings had their lunch while being curious and excited to see the museum at Airborne Pub no1 Schoonoord in Oosterbeek last thursday.

Airborne Museum

Jokes were made about the coronavirus, elbows and feet were ‘shaken’, full of hope nothing would be cancelled. Geoff Roberts: “I am very curious! I heard they changed everything!” At that time it was already known the veterans would only go the the press-preview and leave the official opening to be.

Like them, also we were curious. But it wasn’t meant to be. Very sad for all the co-workers, staff and board of the Airborne Museum who had years of preparations behind them. Last year the outside and terrain of the museum was renovated while they stayed open. After the 75th Airborne Commemorations they closed for five months. Everything was moved, packed, redone, renewed or changed. The past few weeks they were busy redecorating the museum

Today: friday March 13 would be the day for the great re-opening but the government decided to take measurements to contain the coronavirus. The board of the Airborne Museum had no other choice than to take the hard decision to postpone the opening and leave the museum closed.

Back to England

Today the veterans go home again with the London Taxi Charity For Military Veterans. All plans they had are postponed. They would meet up with the mayor of Arnhem Marcouch and they wanted to visit the Eusebius Church in the centre of the city. What a pitty, but it is, what it is.

In a resigned mood and tired these tough men went to sleep early. Some time to do some little things on friday and of hom.

Until we meet again…

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