Horsa Glider Oosterbeek unveiled today in presence of glider pilots

Foto: Renkum Nieuws

Today, at 17:00 hours the Horsa Glider is unveiled next to War Memorial De Naald in Oosterbeek. Three veterans are present: one of them sat in the Horsa at the time, the other two flew one.

Geoff Roberts from the Kings Own Scottish Borderers, glider pilots Ron Johnson and Frank Ashleigh, all well into their nineties, are looking forward to it.

No Wing 

Unfortunately it was not possible to attach the wing to the Horsa. “It just doesn’t fit.” says initiator Richard Westmaas but both wings have never been attached and it was a gamble from the start.

Not that it hasn’t been tried. Many volunteers worked for days to make the wing fit. But further attempts wouldn’t do the Horsa any good and let’s face it: there is only one left! So better to be careful with that. There will be more time at her final destination.

“I think it is actually much nicer this way.” says Wiljo Pas, chairman of the BWO2EG while helping to hang the huge, and beautiful, canvases in the tent. The canvases are provided with information and photos that tell the story of the Horsa Glider.

With the wing on the ground you can also clearly see how the Horsa is built and the whole seems even more impressive this way.

Organisation and implementation

The Defense organisation is responsible for transport, building up the site and after the exhibition for finishing work. The Foundation Preserve WW2 Heritage Gelderland (BWO2EG) is responsible for the execution of the exhibition.

On the website of the foundation you can already order two shirts in memory of the Horsa in Oosterbeek, but they can also be purchased during the exhibition. In addition, Luuk Buist has written a booklet especially for the project.

This book, 16 pages full color, covers the various phases from design by Airspeed to the various deployments of these gliders in the second world war, including Market Garden. The book contains unique, never before seen photos and, for example, a loading schedule. The booklet is interactive and contains QR codes that are directly linked to accompanying YouTube videos.

Check the webshop of BWO2EG

After the exhibition the plane goes to War Museum Overloon where it will be given a permanent place. The exhibition is open for public from 7 til 26 of September from 09:00-17:00


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