After a busy day you come to rest in the Horsa glider at Oosterbeek

It had been a busy day for Prince Charles but at the Horsa glider in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands, there was time for a little rest. The prince took all the time to talk with everyone and took a good look at the Horsa.

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This morning Prince Charles was first at the Airborne landings at the Ginkel Heath in Ede, then Arnhem and after that he went to Driel to lay a wreath for the Polish soldiers who fell during the Battle of Arnhem. Special, because the British, blamed the Poles over 50 years of the failure of the battle.

A little rest in Oosterbeek

When the prince arrived, the big tent where the Horsa Glider is, was closed for the public. Veteran glider pilot Frank Ashleigh already sat inside waiting. After prince Charles greeted Mayor Agnes Schaap and alderman Jasper Verstand from the municipality of Renkum, he immediately went to speak to Frank, they met at different occasions earlier so it was a casual chat.

Then the prince turned to the military of the Army Air Corps, where he is Colonel-in-Chief of. Luuk Buist (writer of the booklet of the Horsa glider which is for sale) and Ivar Goeddings, secretary of the Foundation Conservation WWII heritage Gelderland (who organised the event) also talked with him.

The volunteers who are working almost daily in and around the Horsa were not forgotten by the prince. Richard Westmaas, initiator of the arrival of the Horsa to Oosterbeek asked Prince Charles if he wanted to look inside the Horsa. He did not hesitate.

Great interest

Prince Charles sat on the flight deck on the seat of the 1st pilot. With great interest he asked Richard about the Horsa. Frank also climed in the horsa and Richard made left the seat for him. Frank sat in September 1944 at the same seat as he was seated now, just now he was sitting next to the Prince of Wales.

For more than six minutes they’ve been talking in the Horsa. Frank later said that he was very interested and wanted to know everything: “I told him how it is to fly a Horsa Glider.”

The prince looked relaxed and really seemed to enjoy the time in and around the Horsa. Arrives outside he made a chat with the young twin who have been standing next to the Horsa in the uniform of the glider pilots in 1944.

After the visit the prince and his party went to the tent across the street for a private meeting.

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