For the third year on a row Airborne Museum establishes visitors record

Foto: Daan van Oort

For the third year on a row the Airborne Museum established a visitors record in 2019. The Museum in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands and the dependence Airborne at the Bridge in Arnhem received more than 155,000 visitors.

In 2018 there were 131,000 visitors.

Commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem

2019 was the 75th anniversary of Battle of Arnhem. Sarah Heijse, managing director Airborne Museum: “This was commemorated on a large scale in Arnhem, Oosterbeek and their surroundings and that has contributed to this record. In Oosterbeek we had our special outdoor exhibition Arnhem Boys see where the last living veterans of the Battle of Arnhem. photographer Richard Jopson are portrayed. In Airborne at the Bridge attracted the exhibition the Human Tragedy of the Bridge Too Far additional visitors.”

Rebuilding Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek

Museum in Oosterbeek has been closed since late October 2019 for major renovations. The permanent exhibition on the first floor is completely renovated and underground Airborne Experience will soon contain some new elements. Also, the children’s temporary exhibition Watership Down, based on the novel by Richard Adams is going to be realized.

The Airborne at the Bridge will also be given a temporary exhibition of this famous story. As of March 14th, 2020 the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek will be fully renovated and open its doors to the public.

75 years of freedom and reopening

in 2020 we commemorate 75 years of freedom in The Netherlands. Through this commemorative year and completely renovated museum the Airborne Museum expects to continue the upward trend in visitor numbers. The temporary exhibition Waterschip Down fits seamlessly with 75 years of freedom.

The themes of democracy and freedom are the common thread in this exhibition, where the children together go and find the ideal place to live. Only by working together they achieve their goal. The children’s exhibition is full of surprises and is from March 14th to visit in 2020.

About Airborne at the Bridge

Airborne at the Bridge in Arnhem explains, using the personal stories of the British Lieutenant John Grayburn, German Hauptsturmfuhrer Viktor Eberhard Gräbner and the Dutch Captain Jacob Groenewoud, the intense fighting which took place at the Rhine Bridge in September 1944 Arnhem.

Airborne at the Bridge is located on the Rijnkade 150 in Arnhem and is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 and free entrance.

About Airborne Museum Hartenstein

The museum is housed in the imposing 19th-century Villa Hartenstein in Oosterbeek. During the Battle of Arnhem it was the headquarters of the British. On these historic grounds the stories both British, Polish and German soldiers, as citizens come together.

In the underground Airborne Experience is a penetrating way to experience the course of the Battle of Arnhem. As of March 14, 2020, the museum reopens to the public.

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