No Renkum Airborne so no ’40-’45 fashion show? Well, let’s do it different

No Renkum Airborne this year meant no fashion show with clothing from the ’40 -’45. A disappointment for all of us and not the least for the ladies who take part in the show.

The Renkum Airborne is a yearly event at the Renkum Heath in The Netherlands. Lidy de Vreede, Sanne de Jong, Rianne Roosenboom and Sigrid van Eck were looking forward to it again, but unfortunately…

Corona came

modeshow, fashionshowAnd there they were. “Such a shame.” says Lidy, “If you want to organize a fashion show in September, you are already discussing ideas in January because everything is made and designed in-house. When it finally became clear that the Renkum Airborne was canceled, we were already at an advanced stage. You have to keep working because suppose it all could have continued? Then we would have had nothing!”

All designs were created by Sigrid. She is in training as a dressmaker, her mother Caroline, who has the same profession, made the patterns. In that way she knew for sure that they were good, because putting the clothes together, is something Sigrid did herself. And to be able to give four ladies two outfits per person, she did a lot of work. The striped spencer she’s wearing in the picture, she knitted herself.

What a waste…

“Such a waste of all the work. And besides that, we had such a great time together that I just didn’t want it to end like this. So I made a few phone calls.” With success, because within the shortest time Lidy found cameraman and video maker Fred Hageman and photographer Marco de Jong willing to work with them.

When René van Eck and Chris (Lazer) also indicated that they wanted to perform in their WW2 military uniform and Angeli Hairstyling from Renkum, wanted to style the ladies hair into ’40 – ’45 fashion, it was almost finished.

Together with the locations where the filming and photography took place and just the right music, it is complete:

The ’40 -’45 Fashion Show 2020 of the Renkum Airborne

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